It is not easy to say that our Spring in coming to an end. It has been a favourite time with tons of flowers and colours. It is the season we all know well for “Spring Cleaning” and we both know what that feels like. Busy keeping the growth under control and watching for the next surprise!

Here’s what’s blooming in Christine’s garden in November 2012

It’s not been as “florific” a Spring as I’d hoped for, mainly because I’ve been away and not had much time to spend planning and planting in the garden. Taking photos for this post has been a great exercise as I can see where I need to cut back and where I still have ‘colour gaps’ to fill. The star of my garden in November is Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides). It is in full flower and charmingly tumbling off walls, climbing up trees and creeping along the ground … and the scent is just amazing!

Here’s whats flowering in my garden right now …

The Agapanthus have started to flowerThe Agapanthus have started to flower

I’m loving all the Salvia – I have lotsI'm loving the Salvia - I have lots

Last of the Lilies …Last of the Lilies ...

and last flush of the Crabappleand last flush of the Crabapple

Cute daisies and HeliotropiumCute daisies mix with Heliotropium

Dietes bicolor in the same bedDietes bicolor in the same bed

They are very prettyThey are very pretty

Lovely Gaura lindheimeriLovely Gaura lindheimeri

The gorgeous FuchsiaThe gorgeous Fuchsia

Time to Dream …Time to Dream ...

The interesting flowers of …The flowers of ...

Acanthus mollis …Acanthus mollis ....

aka Bear’s Breechesaka Bear's Breeches

Pretty Chamomile blooms (thank you Barbie!)Pretty Chamomile blooms (thank you Barbie!)

Yesterday, Today & TomorrowYesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Dietes grandiflora are in bloomDietes grandiflora are in bloom

as is the cute Dietes bicoloras is the cute Dietes bicolor

The lovely Dahlias are hugeThe lovely Dahlias are huge

Abutilon seems to flower all yearAbutilon seems to flower all year

Petunias: The big picture …Petunias: The big picture ...

and Up close and personaland Up close and personal

Star Jasmine climbing up a treeStar Jasmine climbing up a tree

and Up close and personaland Up close and personal

My gorgeous fur-kid, DexterMy gorgeous fur-kid, Dexter

The reddest flower in my gardenThe reddest flower in my garden

That’s it from Claremont in Cape Town, lets see whats happening in Barbie’s garden in Philly …

Here’s what’s blooming in Barbie’s garden in October 2012

So much is happening in my garden, I can’t keep up! I swear that my lawn grows 3cm every day! There are so many flowers I wanted to try in my garden this spring, that I have over done it! There are the roses that are at their best now, and the Irises that have given me a splendid show and the daisy-type flowers are all over the garden. The Salvias and the Babianas and the Calendula are all so colourful. Have a look and see what’s exploding in my garden …..

Angels Fishing Rods – Dierama

Dietes in full bloom

Roses are looking their best

Daisy flowers-not sure of name

Carnations still blooming

Babianas are so pretty!

Orange Babiana too!

White Gaura – still a favourite

Oh, more Babiana behind the daisy

These roses are so soft and delicate – I call them Auntie Henna Roses.

Last remaining Meadow flowers

And the corn flowers

Chrysanthemum in the Veggie patch

Calendula, Chamomile and Iris here

California poppy re-seeded

Tea Tree in bloom-so pretty!

Fuchsia in full bloom

Hot Lips Salvia

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