It has taken us so long to get this wall up. Every time we made a decision to build it we hit a snag; the weather was wrong, the design and construction issues, time factor, did we feel like tackling it and so on. So for two years it was off and on. Then this year it happened!! We did it! The back wall/fencing has been built. Zincalume corrugated sheeting, 2.7metres high and 11 metres long. It took 2 full days to build it but as you can see by our costume changes it was over 3 days!  But I haven’t included the 2 days it took to plant the poles. That we did when the ground was still soft. I can now reclaim the area and incorporate it into the garden. We both want it to be a restful and open area where we can it and relax. But before we get there, here is the fence build.


This is zincalume with a matt finish

From the other angle

Our construction advisers! Just checking that its level.

Completed wall with side gate

A close up of the zincalume and workmanship

Very neat and a solid fencing that gives us privacy in the back garden and pool area.


Close up of the gate!

And here is the mess left behind. Oh dear! The job is far from over! To clear this area, to create a lovely space and to make a nice chicken run for the girls! There is still lots to be done before I can swing in my hammock. 🙂

Oh well! Best get cracking!!

Happy Gardening xxx