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The new Gardening Journal

The Garden Journal 2

We have to show you all our new addition to the Gardening Blog. Because we are still new to this gardening phenomena, we really needed somewhere to write all the stuff we had to remember and all the chores we need to do.  All the bits of paper we scribble on wasn’t practical because now you need a folder of sorts. So that doesn’t really work – you need something portable and [...]

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Gardening and Macro Photography

Mozzie on leaf

At long last I received the Macro lens for the camera and what a learning experience this is going to be! No quick point-and-shoot photos anymore, this is a whole new experience and I obviously have lots I need to learn. I’m not a good photographer at the best of times (strictly a happy-snapper!) so photography with a macro lens is going to be quite a learning curve for me. I thought [...]

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Yikes! Mushrooms! what to do?


Oh my, its certainly never dull in the garden is it? Just when I think I’m winning, something new pops up out of nowhere and I have a new issue to deal with. And novice-newbie gardener that I am, I really don’t know what to do with this new thing happening in one of the beds nor what is causing it. A full on growth of uninvited mushrooms – and there’s nothing [...]