Oh my, its certainly never dull in the garden is it? Just when I think I’m winning, something new pops up out of nowhere and I have a new issue to deal with. And novice-newbie gardener that I am, I really don’t know what to do with this new thing happening in one of the beds nor what is causing it. A full on growth of uninvited mushrooms – and there’s nothing magic about them! How did they get here? How can I prevent these or is it a good thing?

So here are the photographs of my “mushroom forest”. They are confined to this bed which is small and has growing in it Sacred Bamboo (Nandina Domestica), Dwarf Sacred Bamboo (Nandina Pygmaea) and Murraya Exotica. The area is shaded but gets light. The plants are all doing well in this bed, very well in fact. Lots of new healthy growth. No pests visible. So is this mushroom something to worry about and what should I do with it?


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