Micro at 6 weeks

Micro in food

Hi Chris, I wanted to send you the latest photos of Micro today. She is so confident and her flying skills have become better than your average bird. She can manouever herself  in and out of the kitchen and her favourite perch is above the hanging pots and also in the evening on the DVD player in the bedroom. She also has to inspect the supper plates every evening and taste everything – so inquisitive! My favourite though is when I’m on the laptop and she wanders over the keyboard and starts pecking at my cursor on the screen. Gets me every time!! I can’t believe that she is already in her 6th week. She is really looking like a dove now. Soon I won’t be able to tell her apart from the other doves.

Ok – have a great day tomorrow and don’t work too hard. Take some time off and sit in your beautiful garden.