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Before and After

Before+after 06

I have been watching the growth of my garden and, with the gentle prodding from our friends, I had to do this post to showcase the tremendous change that happened in my small part of the world in the short 6 months since I started my whirlwind, one-woman landscaping exploit. I will do each part separate: I have divided the garden into front, veggie patch (along the side), the fruit tree area [...]

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How are my roses?

2 GBBD September 32

Thank you to Diana from Elephants Eye for reminding me to take lots of photos of my roses!!! I am waiting for them to give me a splendid display! I should be able to post it tomorrow too! I have been nipping some the new shoots to encourage growth and using my home-made bug spray on the aphids who think they can stay …..! Just read a really nice article on Roses [...]

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Its been a while since I have had a chance to write and blog about my garden. Work has been taking up all of my time and before the sun sets, I dash out and take some photos or just play with the chickens in the garden (they always need supervision nowadays – no free run of the place!) This is the time I can really look closely at whats happening in [...]

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Miss you


I miss your posts and the laughter in your garden… I miss the way you hug your plants… I miss the birds, the blommies and even your moles… I miss the fun in your voice when you blog about Dex and Hercules… but most of all I miss you! Here are the first batch of irises I have dedicated. xxxxxx    

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Garden Lessons learned

Garden lessons learned

Here in the Western Cape of South Africa we’ve had a very mild Winter. Well on our way to Spring, the nights are getting shorter the days are a little longer and the spring flowers are starting to bloom. Trees are greening up and everything looks fresh and new. As the seasons change I am taking part in a new quarterly gardening meme by PlantPostings called Garden lessons learned. As a very [...]

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Hope Grows Day June 2011

Rare Irises

This month I’m taking part in “Hope Grows Day“, a monthly Gardening Blog meme hosted by Hanni of Sweet Bean Gardening. What is Hope Grows Day? On the 5th of the month (or a day or two later) you showcases what you are hoping to see in your garden over the next month. Its my first month of taking part in this so I don’t have a report back of how successful [...]

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Groovey gardening gloves

Groovey gardening gloves

I like nicely manicured hands, who doesn’t? As a kid, I can remember getting into trouble for a lot of things relating to “hand grooming or un-grooming” practices. As a tot the incessant thumb-sucking drove my parents nuts, later on biting my nails caused plenty of reprimands and finally in my teens, unkempt hands would cause my Dad to raise his eyebrows in a way that I knew it would be much [...]

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Back to School

My Garden

Back to School – we sign up for Gardening Courses: Both Barbie and I are very excited – we have been offered an opportunity to do distance learning gardening courses via MyGardenSchool is a unique online horticultural classroom offering various gardening courses taught by some of the world’s most acclaimed authors. “MyGardenSchool provides you with your very own online horticultural classroom to help you create your dream garden.  Whether you want [...]

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Wishing all our Gardening Friends and their families a Happy Easter! The best place to seek God is in a garden.  You can dig for him there.  ~ George Bernard Shaw ~ The Adventures of the Black Girl in Her Search for God, 1932 Happy Gardening and a very Happy Easter to you all … With love from Barbie & Christine

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A Garden Pathway


Hi Barbie – this one is especially for you. Here are the photographs of the garden path you asked me to take at Fairholme Nursery in Elgin on Wednesday. I love this look too and am seriously considering doing something like this in my back garden. The lawn I have there is not really doing it for me anymore and it guzzles huge amount of water to keep it looking even half-way [...]