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Patchwork patio herbs

Hi there! Wanted to keep you updated on the growings in my back garden. The patchwork herbs are looking and tasting great!  I have celery, thyme (assorted), mint, oreganum, and lemon balm. Look my thyme is flowering!

[one_half]Lemon Balm[/one_half]




I’m sorry for the quickie post, but it’s late and I need to get some sleep!

Happy Gardening and I’ll be back xxxx

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More news from the Veggie Patch

Tomato plantI wanted to show you the tomato plants and the sweet basil that I grow together. These are grown direct from seed and the ones I was able to salvage from the chicken attack! Still mad about that, you know! Anyway, here you can see that they are doing well. This way of organic planting is called Companion Planting. I did alot of research into this and it is a pesticide-free way of planting. Tomatoes and Basil (as well as Parsley) do very well together. This improves the flavour and growth of the Tomatoes. They thrive too! I also learnt that thyme and peppermint are very good herbs to plant along side Tomatoes – helps control white fly. So I have thyme next to mine. Marigolds are also helpful around tomatoes. You told me about Marigolds. They keep away the nematodes in the soil. These little pesky root-destroying pests can stunt the growth of your plant.

Sweet Basil