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What to do with all the Basil?

It’s really hard to believe that after two weeks of starting my veggie planter I have so much Basil that I need to find a use for it. I think I planted the first Basil plant about a month ago and together with the batch I planted in the new veggie planter I have so much that I decided to make Basil Pesto. Here’s my Basil Pesto Recipe: Ingredients for approximately 250mls […]

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Picked from the Garden

Vegetables from the garden

I just wanted to share with you the herbs and veggies I picked from the garden for supper tonight. It was such a treat to wander in the garden and pick supper! I can’t wait for my garden to be producing masses of different kinds of vegetables and herbs – oh, like  sweet potatos, carrots, spinach, cauliflower, broccolli……. real health giving food!  But I am having difficulty with the actual styling of […]

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Off to the Nursery!


I had this shopping list for a whole week and when I finally cleared all the weeds from my veggie patch, I allowed myself the luxury of going to the Nursery, with my best friend of course! It was great – I got almost all the plants I wanted – The main idea was to buy Insect Repelling plants, like the artemesias (Southernwood, Wormwood), Tea Tree and Lemon Verbena,  as well as the […]

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Tomato and Basil

Tomato and Basil plants

Thought I’d give you an update on the little Tomato plant you gave me! Here it is and you can see the little Sweet Basil plant I bought on Sunday planted next to it! I am amazed at how quickly the tomato has grown. It must be three times the size it was when you gave it to me. (wish all my plants grew that quickly!). They are both living in a […]

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Sweet Basil beginnings

Sweet Basil

Had a busy day away from the garden, so I’ll have to do a walk-about tomorrow and give you an up date! I mentioned that I have a seedling tray full of sweet basil amd roma tomato shots and that I’ll be transplanting them to larger, individual seedling trays. Last year I grew bushes and bushes of sweet basil from seed and I find them the easiest plant to grow. The way […]

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More news from the Veggie Patch

Tomato plant

I wanted to show you the tomato plants and the sweet basil that I grow together. These are grown direct from seed and the ones I was able to salvage from the chicken attack! Still mad about that, you know! Anyway, here you can see that they are doing well. This way of organic planting is called Companion Planting. I did alot of research into this and it is a pesticide-free way […]