While I’ve been cleaning up my garden and planting seedlings, I have been watching these two strange “weed” bushes developing in the corner where the old conifer tree was. I wanted to see what they would eventually become, but I am now curious to know what the dickens these are!

The first bush has a very familiar looking flower – similar to a tomato and the actual potato plant!

The plants are in this corner

Here’s a closer look

Here is the leaf structure

Leaf and a flower from the side

Here is the flower

Full plant again

Any clue??

Then, right next to this plant is this alien looking thing! Quite a scary looking horned-pod head!! The rest of the plant is unassuming and quite small. No flowers anywhere. I would love to know what this is!

Look at this weird thing! Any ideas?

Let’s take a closer look

Here is the leaf structure

Here is where it is

I hope one of our gardening buddies can help solve this mystery!

Happy Gardening xxxxx