On Thursday Barbie and sneaked away from work as we were having “plant buying withdrawals” (yes, that’s a valid affliction suffered by most gardeners!). With little time to spare we popped in at the nearest nursery to buy “just one or two herbs”, and came home with the car bulging with new plants – not of the herb variety, although I did see a few tucked in there :) .

Amongst others, Barbie bought a gorgeous Salvia “Hot Lips” which I’m sure she will photograph and share soon – it was just too cute to resist – if she hadn’t bought it I would have. It’s one of those “Ohhh how gorgeous” numbers, something akin to sexy red stilettos – if you’re a shoe person, that is.

Soon after I’d put the usual summer annuals in my trolley which included Petunias, Alyssum and Pink Verbenas, I had my “Gotta Have That” moment when I saw a Solanum Jasminoides (other names according to the Internet are “Potato vine, Solanum laxum Album, Solanum jasminoides var Album“). It reminds me of the Solanum rantonnetii (Blue Potato Bush) both Barbie and I have, only it is a far more delicate plant and the flowers are much daintier than those of its purple cousin. What I didn’t realise when I bought it is that it has a trailing, vine type growing habit, so its even more perfect than I realised. I have the ideal spot for it right next to my existing Blue Potato Bush, in full sun, with an ugly wall I am wanting to cover. An image search on Google shows a gorgeous, large creeper type bush covered in dainty white flowers, that  I’m really excited to have in my garden.

Solanum Jasminoides

So let’s get to it, show and tell, plant and wait …

Solanum Jasminoides flowersSolanum Jasminoides flowers

Inspection by the peanut galleryInspection by the peanut gallery

Waiting to be planted …Waiting to be planted ...

Can’t wait for the wall to be coveredCan't wait for the wall to be covered

According to what I’m reading on the Internet, “S. jasminoides has a scent like jasmine, but is not as overpowering. It is a reliable plant that blooms very well in the spring and has a mild perfume. It is hard to kill with too much or too little water once established” (from Shootgardening.co.uk).

Other New Acquisitions waiting to be planted …

Cute Pink VerbenaCute Pink Verbena

Such pretty little flowersSuch pretty little flowers

Aquilegia and ConvolvulusAquilegia and Convolvulus

More “Ladies in waiting”Ladies in waiting

With all these new plants waiting to get into the ground its a good thing I still have lots of “blank spaces” in my garden.

What’s the “newest” plant in your garden?

Happy Gardening