I have to say that I was dreading winter – but there have been some really warm days and the rainy days have been spent indoors with a warm fire and always some seeds to plant on the back deck. I want to show you what’s been going on in my garden, especially in the back where the new meadow is growing so beautifully. I am really enjoying my garden and the chickens have been kept under lock and key…. well, they have “play time” which is well supervised! They have areas where they are allowed and we stand guard while they scratch and dig!

Here are some photos of the raised beds – now prepared with seeds sown.

Strawberries doing well

Beds are all neat-grass brown though

The Irises are looking healthy and I can’t wait for the first blooms!

Lobelias are looking pretty

One of the bulbs in bloom-Gladiolas?

New seedlings in the veggie patch

Wow! Look at the meadow blooming

New beginnings – these last two photos are of the new bed I have created at the back of the garden to hide the bare wall. I hope that it springs to life this summer! Well, I hope your gardening days are bringing you joy! What’s happening in your garden?

Happy Gardening xxxx