Hi Chris, we had so much rain yesterday, I could do nothing in the garden, but my new grass patch got a good drenching (and so did my chickens, shame!!) but I did manage to take a photo of my beautiful Artemesia Powis Castle in the front garden. Do you remember the post I did a few months ago on these amazing plants?

Artemesia Powis Castle

Like other Artemisias, Powis Castle is highly fragrant and very drought tolerant, however it  is different from both its parents, Wormwood and Tree Wormwood, because it is a very light bloomer. For the landscape this is a definite advantage, because when Artemisias bloom they are not only on the blah side but they also tend to fall apart. The best way to prune Powis Castle is for looks. In autumn or spring prune for shape. It is not necessary to prune for the health of the plant. If left unpruned, this Powis Castle Artemisia may grow to 3m (10 feet) or more in diameter, but the appearance will be wild and untamed.

These soft ferny leaves make an aromatic bouquet ideally suited for crafting fresh herbal wreaths or drying for potpourri. The blooms that it does make can be used also and are particularly suited for filling the outer edge of a wreath.

Like all Artemisias, Powis Castle can adapt to most soils and sun levels.

I guess this is a favourite of mine!

I just love how the rain drops stick to the leaves……. enjoy the photos!