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Artemesia not powiss castle

The lovely Artemesia Silver Mound

I’ve been hunting for Artemesia Powiss Castle for a while. Barbie has one she bought at a specialist nursery (Heaven Scent) in Elgin about a year ago. I’m always admiring it when I visit her. Its grown from a tiny little plant into an impressive shrub she has planted with her roses. I love it as an accent plant for its lovely silver foliage. None of the local nurseries seem to stock [...]

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Powis Castle Art

Artemesia 05

Hi Chris, we had so much rain yesterday, I could do nothing in the garden, but my new grass patch got a good drenching (and so did my chickens, shame!!) but I did manage to take a photo of my beautiful Artemesia Powis Castle in the front garden. Do you remember the post I did a few months ago on these amazing plants? Artemesia Powis Castle Like other Artemisias, Powis Castle is [...]