My third month of taking part in “Hope Grows Day“, a monthly Gardening Blog meme hosted by Hanni of Sweet Bean Gardening. I am reporting back on how successful I was in July and showcasing what I am hoping to see in my garden over the next month …

Wonderful Azaleas

How successful was I in July?

  • Top of the list for July was “Get rid of the damn moles”. Was I successful? Nooooo …. The war on the moles continues and I regrettably am about to resort to mole traps (I really don’t want to!). I wanted to get rid of them using organic methods but they are not leaving. And they are destroying two of the beds in the front garden to the point that some of my favourite plants are dying so I need to take more drastic action. I warned them … I used sonic mole repellers, all kinds of foul smelling potions, camphor balls planted all over, I even tried the “flushing” method all to no avail. The more I tried the faster they burrow, so … what next? ***
  • I hoped that my bulbs and plants would continue to grow well throughout the winter months and THEY ARE! I have so many buds opening all over the place and to crown it all, my Azaleas are quite spectacular this year. I’m very happy! I had considered getting rid of the Azaleas at one stage – boy am I glad I didn’t!
  • I hoped to get the back garden planted up with new plants on the side that was damaged during recent plumbing improvements – we are getting there! I’ve planted 47 new plants so far. It’s a very large area (far larger than I realised) and it will take a lot more planting to get it looking like something I can be proud of. The thing is that I have a vision and have carefully researched and selected the plants I want there. Not all the plants are currently available so I want to wait until they are. I’m tired of planting things just for plantings sake and to “not have bare patches”, only to end up with stuff I don’t really like or want. So this time I’m waiting for the plants I really want there for the long term. If it takes a bit longer to get it looking nice, then so be it.
  • And finally, I hoped to get all my little “projects”  completed, once and for all – Did I? Noooo – that was wishful thinking, wasn’t it?

Back garden plan

What am I hoping for in August?

  • Get rid of the damn moles! For real this time! *** Last night I read again on “It’s not work, it’s gardening” about how Alan flushes out the moles in his garden. You can read the post here: How I catch moles. I’m going to try the “flushing them out” method Alan uses. I don’t think I was doing it right, so I need to try it again. I really don’t want to kill them and I have a neighbour who’s garden I’d LOVE to put them in :) . (the one who threatened me with lawyers letters about my trees … I think he should get my moles!)
  • Get ALL the beds composted and mulched in preparation for spring.
  • Get the destroyed lawn area reworked by adding compost and preparing the soil for one last attempt at having a beautiful lawn.
  • Restock the veggie planter with basil, coriander, lettuce, parsely and … one or two others still to be decided.
  •  Start thinking about the front “Gardenia bed”. Not happy with it anymore, I think it’s a bit of a mess. So I want to think about it and work out what I really want there and start working towards redoing it.

That’s all folks, what are you planning to do in August in YOUR garden?

Join us all over on Hanni’s blog and share what you are hoping for – Hope Grows August 2011.

Happy Gardening