The weather is changing and so has the gardening energy. The tempo has died down to a slow pace. The time to reflect and review has set in. The blooms that have decided to stay are still delighting the soul.

Here’s what’s blooming in Barbie’s garden in April 2013

The enthusiasm has been packed away and replaced with a more relaxed view of where to go from here. Funny, that autumn always brings this out in me. I reflect on my ordinary life and see so much magic, but I tend to miss it at the time. So I am grateful for the few pleasures and the few blooms that hang around. Enjoy them with me.


My Tansy bush is back to life

Violas in full bloom – so pretty

Tomato blossoms – signs of things to come

Fennel-as pretty as a flower

Just loving my roses – not many flowers, but the feeding and mulching has brought lots of buds!

The Calibrachoa is always blooming!

The chicks are not fussed by the limited blooms

An artistic view of the roses in my garden! Used a fancy lens!

This is done with a 500mm lens

This is done with PhotoShop!

Happy Bloom Day to you all!!

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