I love my early morning ritual with getting up – open up for the chickens – kisses and hugs, fresh seeds, greens and water – put the coffee on – empty the trash – pack the dishes from the night before – pour the coffee and my morning begins……

My favourite morning spot on the back deck

Everything is so green!

I love sitting out on my deck in summer.The sun is way up there early in the morning and the birds and bees are busy gathering. Everything is so GREEN!! I love this! I take a walk between the veggies and fruit and see that all is good. The small damage from my little nasties are not punishable by death so they are allowed to stay. I see so many ladybirds that I won’t spray for aphids either. I will be gentle this season and share in my spoils!

My Tea Tree Bush and Irises in the background

My sunflowers are growing tall!

Rosemary as tall as me!

Festuca looking glam!

A stray tomato plant outside of the raised bed!

Delicious spinach…yum!

Ok, you can stay!

The local watering hole

Taking a stop over on the local blommie!

Is this a hover fly?

Well, that was my morning today! I have plans to do absolutely nothing………

Happy gardening xxxx