Yay! Summer, and our tenth combined post for the monthly Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day for December 2011. All the planting and gardening of the past ten months has resulted in a splendid array of summer flowers in both gardens and we are thrilled with the results of our efforts. Not as pretty as spring but certainly bright and beautiful, our gardens are bringing us so much joy. We hope you enjoy our blooms!

Thank you for joining us for our December “Summer Stunners” …

Here’s whats blooming in Christine’s Garden in December 2011 …

I’m loving Summer! The beds have filled out beautifully and everywhere I look there are beautiful combinations of foliage or flowers. I’m especially delighted about shrubs and plants that are flowering for the first time or flowering again after no-showing in years gone by. Such are the joys in my “little gardening world”; A Gardenia comes back to life, a Hydrangea recovers to surprise me with a beautiful display, Weigelias are looking great and everywhere I turn I enjoy the sweet smell of summer (and gardening success). Thank you for joining me in my Summer garden.

Pretty Petunias amongst the CarexPretty Petunias amongst the Carex

Pandorea jasminoides in flowerPandorea jasminoides in flower

First white Begonia flowersFirst Begonias flowers

Another Begonia wears yellow …Another Begonia wears yellow ...

Agapanthus in white …Agapanthus in white ...

… and of course in blue... and of course in blue

Red Impatiens mixed with FestucaRed Impatiens mixed with Festuca

White ones brighten a dark cornerWhite ones brighten a dark corner

Foxgloves flowering were a surpriseFoxgloves flowering were a surprise

And the Hydrangea that almost wasn’t!And the Hydrangea that almost wasn't!

Gorgeous potted Gerberas delightGorgeous potted Gerberas delight

And the new Osteopermums are prettyAnd the new Osteopermums are pretty

The unusual flower of the CynaraThe Unusual flower of the Cynara

and the unusual Philodendron flowerand the unusual Philodendron flower

Alyssum and Heliotropium comboAlyssum and Heliotropium combo

and the Gaura and Lavender comboand the Gaura and Lavender combo

Dietes bicolor always reliableDietes bicolor always reliable

Newly purchased Hebe ‘Wiri Joy’Brand new Hebe 'Wiri Joy'

Pretty miniature rose (unknown name)Pretty miniature rose (unknown name)

And I’m loving the Iceberg rosesI'm loving the Iceberg roses

Another unknown miniature roseAnother unknown miniature rose

The sweetest smelling Gardenia ever!The sweetest smelling Gardenia ever!

Haemerocallis in beautiful yellowHaemerocallis in beautiful yellow

Abutilon cutting is flowering like crazyAbutilon cutting is flowering like crazy

Penstemon ‘Alice Hendley’ is prettyPenstemon 'Alice Hendley' is pretty

Mandevilla splenens always flowers hereMandevilla splenens always flowers here

That’s all from me today, lets see what’s happening in Barbie’s garden!

Here’s what’s blooming in Barbie’s garden in December 2011

I have seen Christine’s garden today and it is a true delight! Colour and beautiful foliage! What fun! My garden is a feast of new incredible edibles, but today it is Bloom Day, so I am happy to share all the colour and what’s blooming in my neck of the woods. Enjoy!!

Hot Lips Salvia is a new addition

The bulbine just keeps on flowering

This little rose-bush produced this beauty

My calibrachoa looks fab in the rusty barrow

Dierama Latifolius-Angels Fishing Rods

Armeria Martima-White Thrift

Californian poppies sill on show

Chamomile in full bloom

Lemon Verbena

Little violas showing a brave face this summer

Nasturtiums are a big help in my garden

Runner bean flowering

Zucchini (courgette) flower-quite a show

Salvia coral nymph – so sweet this is

Erigeron (fleabane) a delicate ground cover


One of many tomato flowers – yea!

Fuchsia bush still takes pride of place

Potato bush is always a bloom

Marigolds is another garden helper

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