As is customary at this time of the month, I follow-up The gardening event of the month, Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, with a post highlighting the foliage that is flourishing in the garden. Pam at Diggings hosts the monthly Foliage Follow Up, a monthly gardening meme where Pam and other garden bloggers showcase the beauty of foliage in their gardens on the 16th of the month. As I have become quite passionate about foliage plants this is one of my favourite posts to do every month.

A new acquisition this month were a small variegated Hydrangea I bought (which was a half price bargain) which I’m planting in a very shaded corner that needs some ‘lifting ad Carex ‘frosted curls’ which I’m filling in a few blank spaces with where I want an evergreen “grass-like” look. I like Carex for its mounding habit (and because it is so easy and thrives in shade – perfect for my garden). I’ve included a photo of the foliage of my Tibouchina because I am marvelling at how beautiful it is. This was a plant I moved because it was not doing well at all. In fact I thought it was history. We moved it to the back garden into a shaded spot against a wall and it has done an about turn – growing huge, lush leaves that are quite lovely. Sadly, no flowers, but I love the plant so I don’t really mind. And perhaps it will flower again some time.

Here are my favourite foliage views this month …

Carex and CampanulaCarex and ....

Duranta, Dietes and ZantadeschiaDuranta, Dietes and Zantadeschia

Love the colour on the Nandina pygmaeaLove the colour on the Nandina pygmaea

New: Variegated Hydrangea for a shady spotNew: Variegated Hydrangea for a shady spot

I’m loving the Dusty Miller that’s growing fastI'm loving the Dusty Miller thats growing fast

Plectranthus madagascariens and DurantaPlectranthus madagascariens and Duranta

I like this combo, strappy Irises and FicusI like this combo, strappy Irises and Ficus

Accidental: Festuca glauca and ImpatiensAccidental: Festuca glauca and Impatiens

Agapanthus, Lamium, Duranta and ScopariaAgapanthus, Lamium, Duranta and Scoparia

Foliage of the recovering TibouchinaFoliage of the Tibouchina

I am surprised at the lovely foliage of Cleome!I am surprised at the lovely foliage of Cleome!

The new Carex ‘frosted curls’The new Carex 'frosted curls'

I’m quite amazed – looking back at my photos now, it’s quite fascinating how much colour and excitement carefully selected foliage brings to the garden. The biggest gardening lesson I learnt all year!

Happy Gardening