Today I’m joining my friend and gardening mentor, Diana of Elephant’s Eye for her annual Christmas Theme, The Twelve Days of Christmas! (I call it a theme rather than a meme, because Christmas is about so much more than just a blogging meme).

As Diana suggested, I’ve trawled through photo archives of the last 12 months and have chosen to express my Twelve Days of Christmas in photographs taken in my garden that depict highlights of the past gardening year. Photos are either of gardening moments that were special or particularly rewarding for me and in keeping with the theme, relate to the numbers one to twelve.

As my first “year as a gardener” draws to a close it has been fun and rewarding to go through all the photo archives and see just how far my little garden has come in the past twelve months. My photo essay for “The Twelve Days of Christmas” could also be called “The Twelve Months of Gardening …”

Each photograph relates (and is linked – see below) to a post done in the past year, except for numbers four and ten … these are related to a lengthy post I will be doing over the holidays, all about my latest “re-do” project. Do you see any differences? I’ve not shown the whole picture which is why the photos may not make sense just yet. All will be revealed soon, but I promise there really are “4 Jasmines creeping” and “10 Carex mounding”. You just can’t see them yet :)

On the Twelve Days of Christmas my Garden gave to me …

1. One Hadeda Ibis visiting
One Hadeda Ibis visiting

2. Two Bumble Bees buzzing
Two Bumble Bees

3. Three Fuchsias dancing
Three Fuschias dancing

4. Four Jasmine climbing
Four Jasmines climbing

5. Five Birds a bathing
Five Birds a bathing

6. Six per-fect Pistils
Six perfect Pistils

7. Seven fragrant Lavender
Seven Lavender loping

8. Eight Clivia blooming
8 Clivias flowering

9. Nine Colours mingling
9 Colours mingling

10. Ten Carex mounding
Ten Carex mounding

11. Eleven Daffodils glowing
Eleven Daffodils glowing

12. and Twelve perfect Roses for my vase!
Twelve Iceberg roses for the vase

On the Twelve days of Christmas my Garden gave to me …
One Hadeda Ibis a visiting
Two Bumble Bees a-Buzzing
Three Fuchsias dancing
Four Jasmines climbing
Five Birds a bathing
Six per-fect pistils
Seven frangrant Lavender
Eight Clivias flowering
Nine Colours mingling
Ten Carex mounding
Eleven Daffs a-glowing
and twelve Iceberg Roses for the Vase!

Merry Christmas and Happy Gardening