The cooler days are slowly replacing the swelter of summer. The refreshing rains in March will give the Two Gardens a welcome time out! This is the time to reflect and review – what is coming up this season and what can we look forward to.

Here’s what’s blooming in Barbie’s garden in March 2013

I have started early with all the cleaning and cutting and digging and clearing. I feel ready for the cooler march weather and I can start sowing my new seeds for the winter. But there are still some really pretty blooms in my garden – you might have seen them all before, but they still delight me.

My new Dietes I bought and planted this week are blooming!

I still love this forever bloomer


Roses always delight!

Still blooming – Fuchsia

Newly trimmed Hotlips Salvia

Barrow full of blommies

Mexican Petunias are blooming with my Gaura

My Leopard Tree is looking gorgeous!

My whirling butterflies

Euphorbia in bloom

My white Salvia

Tansy cut back and already blooming again

Another view of Tansy and Salvia

I still think this useful medicinal plant is pretty in bloom – Bulbinella

Loving this bed with Peach and Blueberry too

My flowering Potato Bush bed is also all tidy

Squash flowers all over the place!

New patch with Yarrow and Bulbinella


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