This seems like the week of garden activity for me! Thank goodness, I have the strength to do the manual labour needed to get this job done! But – here I had lots of help! We finally got around to throwing stones for our new Zen area. It is already taking shape and I am so pleased that my hubby is gonna be part of this garden feature!

My faithful work horse! This is going to be a tough delivery!

Ok – this is the 40 sq.m. area we need to fill

It is a substantial piece of land

This is 4 tons of stone!

13mm Worcester – from Bark & Stone

Working my butt off!

Nearly done! Whew!

Zooooooom!! Who would have known that this job took us exactly 1 hour to complete!

Neatens up the whole area

Also brightens up the area

I am super happy that we have leapt over this hurdle. Again, we have used the services of Bark & Stone in Montague Gardens. Their service is great and Dennis, who delivers the stone, maneuvers his huge truck through narrow gaps like a pro. Thanks guys, once again! Now comes the decorating. We want to put up a sheltered cover where we can sit (maybe in our hammocks) and enjoy the cool evenings or just relaxing with a good book and dozing in the late afternoons – hey? What do you think?

Happy gardening this week xxxxx