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April Book Review – Foliage by Nancy Ondra

Foliage by Nancy Ondra

Once again I’m joining Holley of Roses and Other Gardening Joys in doing a monthly book review on a favourite gardening book from my personal library. I was originally introduced to this particular book by Cathy & Steve of Our Garden Journal when they reviewed this book last year. After reading their glowing report I promptly ordered the book and was not disappointed when it arrived. Foliage, by Nancy Ondra ticks all […]

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Clivia is Fourth of my Twelve


Gardening in shade in South Africa almost requires the gardener to grow this most beautiful of native beauties, the Clivia. Prized for their ability to flower in shade, Clivias are ideal for massed planting under trees or in shaded areas. Extremely hardy and drought-resistant, they will not thrive in direct sunlight or frost areas. As I have lots of shade I also have lots of Clivias … An evergreen beauty, during the […]

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Garlic and heirlooms

Lovely, plump garlic seed

Last year I planted garlic. Twice. At different times. In different places. Planted in full sun, part sun, shade, full shade. Guess how many sprouted? Not one! First I read on Alan’s blog that Garlic must be planted in Autumn if you want it to grow successfully. That was my first Garlic Ah ha moment. The second Garlic Ah ha moment came when I read a few weeks ago that the garlic […]

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April in two gardens for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

This month we have finally experienced the big cool down, but the hot days still linger on this day, 15 April for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. We have had heavy down pours, then sweltering heat, then the big chill! It is not uncommon to have 4 seasons in one day this time of year, so this can cause havoc in the garden. Let’s see what’s blooming in our gardens…… Here’s what’s blooming […]

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An Autumn garden


My garden is in a sorry state … three days of continuous rain over the long weekend that interrupted my garden clean-up has left it looking untidy and ever so sad-looking. As I was busy with laying newly purchased compost and mulch the heavens opened up and it rained for three days solid. But in typical Cape Town fashion, as we got out our winter woolies and put extra blankets on beds, […]

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an intsy wintsy white spider

It’s a bug-update post! Some are pretty, others not so much. But they are all fun to photograph. The white spider in the third photograph was hidden in an iceberg rose and I noticed him as I was cutting off the spent blooms last week. I let him disembark and he hopped onto the Heliotropium bloom where I thought he looked quite beautiful contrasted against the purple flowers. I’m scared of big […]

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Happy Easter

The Easter bunny

We wish all our Gardening friends a lovely Easter weekend … Did you find any surprises in your garden? Perhaps a bunny or two? Or an Easter Eggie? Whether you were doing the hiding or finding, here’s hoping your weekend is wonderful! xxx

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A few new plants for the pond

A lovely Cyperus paptrus

I’ve been trying to source some good plants for my pond. All my “pond research” has taught me, that my pond needs a lot more plants than I currently have in order to get the correct balance in the pond to prevent algae from taking over. The few existing plants urgently need re-potting – something that’s never be done in four years (blushing in embarrassment here). Poor things have been living in […]

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My Veggie Harvest for April

New colour in the veggie patch

My ornamental plants are starting to shed their Summer beauty for more sedate Autumnal finery, but no so the vegetables and herbs. My little veggie planters are brimming with produce waiting to be pickled and we can’t eat it as fast as its growing. I added a few new things this month. I like to plant and grow herbs that are not always available at the local supermarket. A new one is […]

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The House Plant (Anthurium andreanum)

New house plant

Does being a good gardener mean you will be successful at indoor gardening too? I think in my case “enthusiastic” is a better description than “good”, but the question is the same. Can I be good at both? I know I don’t have the same enthusiasm for indoor plants that I have for outdoor plants. I find the plants in my garden extremely forgiving – if they are happy in their allotted […]