‘Gardening is the art that uses flowers and plants as paint, and the soil and sky as canvas’ ~ Elizabeth Murray

I’ve been a bit disappointed in my late Spring garden because I couldn’t really see anything flowering. After the cacophony of colour in September, everything looks very green at the moment and then I realised what the problem is. I have way too much “white”! Why do I do that? Every time I go flowering-plant shopping I come back with white flowering plants. I wasn’t consciously aware that I was doing this, until I went shopping this week and again came home with a white flowering plant (a lovely white Fuschia). Not that there is anything wrong with white – I love white – but in the garden it seems to be a bit flat when there is no other colour mixed in with it (at least that’s my impression). So that’s another “Gardening Lesson Learned” for me.

So what are all the “whites” flowering in October my garden? We have … white Gardenias, Roses, Dianthus, Ornithogalum, Freesias, Gaura, two different Jasmine types, Murraya Exotica, Alyssum, Makhaya Bella, Asiatic Lilies and Lilium Longifolium, Impatiens, Petunias, Cuphea, Brugmansia, Delphiniums, Ranunculus … and on and on.

Here are all my current white blooms …

White Murraya ExoticaWhite Murraya Exotica

White Iceberg RosesWhite Iceberg Roses

White OrnithogalumWhite Ornithogalum

White Jasminum MultipartumWhite Jasminum Multipartum

White Star JasmineWhite Star Jasmine

White GauraWhite Gaura

White AlyssumWhite Alyssum

White Dianthus (Sweet William)White Dianthus (Sweet William)

White Mandevilla splenensWhite Mandevilla splenens

White Makhaya bellaWhite Makhaya bella

White Lilium LongifoliumWhite Lilium Longifolium

White ImpatiensWhite Impatiens

White CupheaWhite Cuphea

White BrugmansiaWhite Brugmansia

White DelphiniumsWhite Delphiniums

White FreesiasWhite Freesias

White RanunculusWhite Ranunculus

White blossoms on the Lime treeWhite blossoms on the Lime tree

White Cherry blossomWhite Cherry blossom

White blossoms on the Lemon treeWhite blossoms on the Lemon tree

White crabapple (isn’t it beautiful?)White crabapple

White PetuniasWhite Petunias

As it is my first real year as a “gardener”, I’ve been observing (and critiquing) my garden on a monthly basis to see what I can do better – What have I learnt about October? Plant some COLOUR that will flower in October to lift all the white blooms!

Happy Gardening