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Easter Egg Treasure Hunt in Barbie’s Garden

This Easter, I had great pleasure arranging an Easter Egg Treasure Hunt in my garden for all the children !! The little “Easter bunnies” had to prepare for the big event by putting on their bunny ears and bunny tails. Hannes created such a fun video of the day and it went smoothly without one forgotten easter egg. Thank you Mr Easter Bunny!!


For all the blogging friends – the two beautiful girls are Jessica (the oldest bunny and “team bunny leader” at 7 years) and Tamsin (the bunny with the pink easter bag and treasure map monitor, at 4 years) and they belong to my son (in the wings  taking photos) & daughter-in-law,  Brandon and Nicky, and the cutest little boy is Brandon at 3 years together with his enthusiastic mommy (wearing the bunny ears), that being my daughter, Kristen, and my son-in-law, Gary is in the background. And me, you can just see every now and again – mostly  just the legs!

If you want to know who the wild man in the helicopter is – why, thats Mr Easter Bunny! 🙂

Happy Easter to you all xxxxx

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Happy Easter

We wish all our Gardening friends a lovely Easter weekend …

Did you find any surprises in your garden?

Easter Bunny

Perhaps a bunny or two?

Easter Bunny

Or an Easter Eggie?

Easter Egg

Whether you were doing the hiding or finding, here’s hoping your weekend is wonderful!


Gardening Home page features Miscellaneous

Happy Easter

Wishing all our Gardening Friends and their families a Happy Easter!

Happy Easter

The best place to seek God is in a garden.  You can dig for him there.  ~ George Bernard Shaw ~ The Adventures of the Black Girl in Her Search for God, 1932

Happy Gardening and a very Happy Easter to you all …
With love from Barbie & Christine