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Strawberries for Elma

This is a special post for a dear friend of mine, Elma Cheeseman, whom I met through my publishing business. She is 93 years old and published a fabulous recipe book called “Gran’s Cookery Chat”. Well, needless to say, I have tried many of her tried and tested recipes and always a delight for the whole family! I told her about the Gardening Blog and she has been following my every move ever since. She wrote to me one day and suggested I try strawberries!

Well, Elma – I hope you are reading this! LOOK! I have planted strawberries!



I have a special area where I’ve planted my peach tree and blueberry bush and now my strawberries! This is my Sugar Patch! I have borage blooming here too and this is a bee magnet! So all my fruits are well pollenated! I have seen some flowers on my strawberries already, so I will keep you up to date on when the lovely fruit appears! Strawberry and Cream anyone?

Thanks, Elma, for your advice and your support and your friendship!

Happy Gardening xxx