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Design beginnings for the back

backgarden part2 12

Hi Chris, I was busy again this weekend – I don’t know where this energy comes from!! The bags of compost arrived from Nonke – all 30 of them!! They are super heavy and I had to scheme how I was going to bring each one to the back garden. I worked out a 3-phase plan to get each bag into the wheel barrow, whew! I managed to get 15 bags (one [...]

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Finished the bed building

night crawler 01

It has been back-breaking business, but I have finally finished building the raised beds for the back garden this weekend. The chickens enjoyed the company and the new play area! I have filled the first bed with all the good and rich organic material. I have a friend that has horses and had straw bales for me! It is out-of-season, so they were more pricey than normal. But they are the best [...]

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Building my raised bed garden


I finally had a burst of energy this week and a bee in my bonnet to get my back garden started. It looks like we will not start with the backyard fencing until next year, so my interest turned to the designing of my back garden raised bed area. I had all my measurements  and my wooden slat sizes sketched out and I went to the Pole Yard to buy my 16 [...]