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Jul 02 2011 by in Christine's garden, Do it yourself, Gardening, | 17 comments

My DIY trellises

Unbound with somewhere to go (grow)

My first winter as a gardener and I’m learning all the time. So what have I learnt about winter? I’ve learnt that its a time to take stock of hardscaping projects and getting these done. As many plants die back or hibernate it seems to me one now has the space, time and because it is not so hot one also has more enthusiasm for diy. So whilst this is not quite [...]

Jul 01 2011 by in Barbie's garden, Do it yourself, Gardening, | 25 comments

Building my raised bed garden


I finally had a burst of energy this week and a bee in my bonnet to get my back garden started. It looks like we will not start with the backyard fencing until next year, so my interest turned to the designing of my back garden raised bed area. I had all my measurements  and my wooden slat sizes sketched out and I went to the Pole Yard to buy my 16 [...]

Mar 08 2011 by in Christine's garden, Do it yourself, Gardening, Miscellaneous | 6 comments

Time out with The Gardener on DVD

The Gardener DVD

Today my eagerly awaited purchase of the DVD Series of the popular show, ‘The Gardener’, arrived in the mail! ‘The Gardener’ is South Africa’s favourite’s gardening magazine whose live-wire editor is inimitable Tanya Visser (see photo below). Tanya presents a weekly Television Series on the South African Home Channel called (you guessed it!), ‘The Gardener’. Each week Tanya presents a topical gardening subject ranging from laying your own lawn, pruning roses to [...]