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Micro has tjommies!

Neighbourhood birds

Day 30 At seed time today, she had a number of tjommies joining her for dinner! She started off friendly then tried to defend her seeds. She was not happy with the onslaught and left. Here you can see the neighbourhood birds – the yellow birds are the Cape Weaver (ploceus capensis). The smaller, bland looking birds are the Southern Red Bishop (euplectes orix). They are non-breeding males and femles, but during [...]

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Micro getting brave

Micro on my head

Day 29 The wounded Micro has survived the attack, perhaps by a bird. We still don’t know what had happened. But this has made her really clingy! She won’t leave the top of my head! Today, we ventured outside again and tried putting the seeds on the table on the back stoep. Well, low and behold, she allowed the other doves to eat with her. Then the panic set in. Oh yes… [...]

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Micro all grown up

Micro watching TV

Day 25 Micro has officially flown beyond the boundary of the garden wall. Now, very confidently flys from the kitchen to the deck and then to the tree behind the wall at the back. I also think that she is a he – just watching the mannerisms of the male birds when they come into the garden to feed. He doesn’t take the feeding syringe anymore – now is eating seeds on [...]

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Micro part of the family

Micro a teenager

Day 18 Micro had her first shower today! She seems to have enjoyed it! As the days go on, she is becoming more and more cute! She sleeps perched on our headboard at night and waits patiently until I open my eyes. Oh, she gets so excited to see I’m awake that she flaps her wings and demands foodies – poking me with her beek! She recognises the tin cup sounds as [...]

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We can fly!

I can Fly!

Day 11 We flew today!! Micro amazed us with her natural ability to just take off and fly. I thought today was the day we could go outdoors and introduce her to the big world. She walked around but never took her eyes off me. She wanted to fly into my lap, but instead she took off and just went straight up – onto the roof’s gutter!! I think she was shocked [...]

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Micro is growing

Bby Dove Day 10

Day 10 :   These last three days Micro is showing signs of becoming a fully fledged dove, in fact a Lemon Dove (Columba larvata) AKA: Cinnamon Dove or Forest Dove – we known it as a lemoen duifie. She sits on my shoulder after I’ve fed her and we walk around the house together. She is testing her wings and her balance is improving. But she still gets tired quickly and after a while, her eyes [...]