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One bag of potting soil

This afternoon I had to pop in to the nursery to get ONE bag of potting soil. That’s all. One bag of potting soil. I promised myself that was all I would buy as I have so much work to do in the garden and still have some plants standing around (from the Elgin trip) that need to be planted. That’s the deal I make with myself – I’m only allowed to buy plants when everything is planted and there is nothing much to do in the garden.

I needed one bag of potting soil to fill a container that is being planted with spring flowering bulbs. Thats my mission this weekend – to get all the bulbs planted. So I really needed the potting soil.

Here is what one bag of potting soil looks like in my world …

One bag of potting soil ...

But here’s why …

When I got there I realised that the Narcissus bulbs need a container too (aren’t they pretty?)
The “bulb book” says its a good idea to over-plant the bulbs with annuals (as a living mulch), so I  “needed” the Lobularia.
I found Helichrysum which I just love and had been looking for.
And I fell in love with the Dianella (variegated Flax Lily) – I think it will look great with the uninvited Caladium in the shade garden.

See? All neccessary purchases after all …

Happy Gardening