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Fleeing Fugitives

This week started off with a hint of “Police File” investigations. Familiar sounds – usually heard in prison, I mean cages! – emanating from the tree tops surrounding our house. Well, what do you know!?? Two fleeing fugitives caught in my camera sights…. Barney Blue and Yam Yam Yellow! Don’t know where they escaped from, but are now having either long soliloquy cheep-chats with bored pigeons or flitting at high speed from one tree to another and using our bird sanctuary as their devious hideout. Extra bonus – free lunch with the eeps!

Well, I saw Barney Blue first and he was alone. Yam Yam Yellow (she??) mysteriously joined him today, so I have a feeling that Barney Blue went back to release Yam Yam Yellow from the slammer.

Good on ye, Barney! Two happy boids and a blank cheque of FREEDOM!! Don’t worry – you are in good hands here with us!

Weird… our regular Sunbird is acting suspiciously like Columbo at the mo’! Checking out these shifty rapscallions on his beat!

Well, happy gardening xxxx