Hi Chris, I thought about what you said on coming to sit on your patio to get a feel of it. I had this Patchwork Patio idea in my head but did not actually know what it was going to look like. I did my research on the tiles and pebble prices and found everything at Cape Garden Centre. The prices were the best by far and got everything – I mean everything – under R900.00. I even got all the tiles and stones and plants in my Fiat Uno. I was worried about my suspension but she managed all the way home. But before the great trek to the Garden Centre, I marked out the area to see the actual layout and my clever hubby took a snapshot of it and designed it quickly for me in Photoshop!! This was the breakthrough I needed.

Check out this clever movie on the design layout of my Patchwork Patio ….










And here are the photo’s of the actual work done to get it looking like this. I am so pleased with it! It literally took me two days to do this from start to finish. I have also been lucky with the weather. My back area is really beginning to look like a real garden….. I hope you enjoy this as much as I have ….. What have you been doing in your garden?