It is always a good idea to have a family visit to motivate you to get the garden looking great! This got me energized and I have enjoyed the manual labour! Got all the muscle groups working! I ordered bags and bags of compost and bark for mulch and got my act together! It might not look like much from the photos but the whole garden was tackled!

I also have some really beautiful blooms to show you!

My roses are finally blooming!

Apple blossoms all over. I can’t wait for these to become golden delicious apples this year!

Love my Irises – the white are my favourite!

My little broody Tara – I can’t snap her out of this! There are NO eggs and she sits and sits on the nest! So I have closed the door – but this makes me more sad! She sits on the balcony! What to do!?

Apple blossoms!

Fuchsias are looking so pretty

Rose bush full of roses! Fab!

Buckets of Lavnder

Wild corn flowers

Chamomile are in bloom-Tea anyone?

Tea Tree bush is also in bloom

Love the mix of peas with nasturtium flowers

Chives in bloom

Blueberries en masse

Peaches growing! Yum!

Angel’s fishing rods! Dierama – I love them!

Favourite Figs for summer!

Everything composted and mulched!

Cut and cleared! lots of work

Attention shows its colours!

First rose in the rose patch

What I see is so many more flowers than I planned for when I originally started my vegetable garden. However, they are all linked. Every bloom gives a treasure or a pleasure – they are all welcome now in my part of the world!

Happy spring gardening xxxx