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Hope Grows better late than never

I’m really late getting my September Hope Grows Day post up – I have reasons (not excuses) including visitors from overseas, a busy work and gardening schedule have kept me away from my computer – but I’m back on track and catching up!

This is my fourth month of taking part in “Hope Grows Day“, a monthly Gardening Blog meme hosted by Hanni of Sweet Bean Gardening. I am reporting back on how successful I was in August and showcasing what I am hoping to see in my garden over the next month … Join us all over on Hanni’s blog and share what you are hoping for – Hope Grows September 2011.

My first Iris blooming!

How successful was I in August?

  • Top of the list in August was “Get rid of the damn moles! For real this time!”. Did I? Yes! Don’t ask me how, I’m not going into detail. Suffice it to say I got in professional help in the form of a local company called “The Mole Man”. It requires “maintenance” by myself which is a bit of a pain to do, but the stuff I have to use is non-toxic to my pets and other creepy-crawlies, so I’m happy. So far so good, the mole is a lot less active than he was. Hopefully next month this time the mole saga will be over!
  • Get all the beds composted and mulched in preparation for spring – I’m not quite finished – with visitors etc it was difficult but I’ve spend the last two days working on this and I’m making good progress. Should be done by the end of next weekend.
  • Get the destroyed lawn area reworked by adding compost and preparing the soil for one last attempt at having a beautiful lawn – Done! We have new lawn that so far seems to be doing really well. I’m happy with it!
  • Restock the veggie planter – Almost done – planted parsley, lettuce, coriander and cherry tomatos – waiting for the nurseries to get Basil seedlings.
  •  Start thinking about the front “Gardenia bed” – Had no time to really plan anything specific but I did think about it.

The Freesias are proving much pleasure!

What am I hoping for in September?

  • That time stands still for a few moments … September is almost halfway over and I have so much to do. I’m hoping for the gift of time!
  • That my gardening friends in the USA (Texas in particular) get some much needed rain and that the weather in other parts of America settles down. I’m praying for you all.
  • For myself, I’m hoping to get the composting and mulching completed as soon as possible. I never realised just how big my garden really is.
  • I’m hoping for more lovely surprises in the garden. The past two weeks have been wonderful with my first ever Iris blooming and the Ixias have given us so much pleasure.
  • I’ve just finished planting seeds (my second ever attempt). I’m really hoping that they sprout and give me lots of new plants to plant into some of the bare patches I still have so many of in my garden.

That’s all for now! What are you hoping for in September?

Happy Gardening

By Christine

Dominated by large trees on a medium sized property, my garden is very shaded. With no “full sun” areas I have to plant shade and partial shade loving plants. I love shrubs and flowers including camellias and azaleas but Roses and Irises are my favourite and getting these to thrive is a challenge …

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hi Diana, thanks so much! but it is the subject that’s is great! I wish I had bought hundreds of these lovely Irises. I only bought six. and yes, how can we slow September down, just a little??

Hi my friend! Yes – I also need to slow down September. I have still so much composting to do and I want to still dig before the ground gets too hard. I also pray for our gardening friends in the USA who have been through some tough weather. I just LOVE your flower photos. They are always so vibrant and colourful!! 🙂

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