My second time taking part in “Hope Grows Day“, a monthly Gardening Blog meme hosted by Hanni of Sweet Bean Gardening. I am showcasing what I am hoping to see in my garden over the next month.

Lovely growth, Check!

So how successful was I in June?

  • I hoped for good rains without too much storm damage. We had good rains. It was lovely. I have not had to water my garden at all in the past 4 weeks. Not once. This week we are experiencing sunny weather, I might need to water tomorrow or Friday as there is no rain forecast and things are getting a bit dry. I had no serious storm damage. So first ” Hope”  for June gets a big Tick! Yay!
  • I hoped my newly planted bulbs would continue to grow – check.
  • I hoped the “Sinfonietta” Irises would continue to grow well – check.
  • I hoped we’d be eating cherry tomatoes – we ate 6! Not quite what I was hoping, but check all the same.
  • I hoped we’d be eating carrots from the veggie garden – not yet. No check.
  • And lastly, I hoped I would have something to show on Garden Bloggers Bloom Day on the 15th June, and I did. Quite a lot actually – check.

Not bad. More checks than not.

War against the Moles!

So what am I hoping for in July?

  • I have a new “mole / vole / mole rat” problem. All the beds that do not have the solar mole repellents are being decimated by something that seems like a mole. Tomorrow we go to war. Dexter and I against the moles! We are prepared. We have ammunition – two more sonic mole repellers and organic mole repellent potions I bought today. So top of the list for July is “Get rid of the damn moles!!”
  • Of course I continue to hope that my bulbs and plants grow well throughout these winter months
  • I hope to get the back garden planted up with new plants on the side that was damaged during recent plumbing improvements
  • And finally, I’m hoping to get all my little “projects”  completed, once and for all!

What are You hoping for in July? Join us all over on Hanni’s blog and share what you are hoping for – Hope Grows July 2011.

Happy Gardening