Well, the final touches have been done and voila – the Girls have a fully “furnished” 5 star abode! We still need to add a perch and zoomy up the laying stations, but all in all I am sure not one of them will complain. We have 3 happy hens! The Great Hen House Build was posted earlier – (link here to see)

Getting the room ready

Have an ABS plastic base for easy cleaning

The Head Hen comes for first inspection

Her OK is crucial! Like it Buffy?

Hmmm…you missed a spot! Points deducted!

All of the girls inspecting now. Must impress

Having a site meeting, I’m nervous

Just a few adjustments as per request

Right – the gang has arrived for final appraisal

Oops! forgot the roof adjustments

There – the roof is on!

OK – ready for the final final inspection!

Hmm.. just testing the bedding! Yes! It’s GREAT!

View from the back

We have approval and a 5 Star rating!!

Fixed the fencing towards the veggie patch

Ta…Da…..!!! A job well done!

I hope you enjoyed the Hen House Build!! We also had a blast!!!

Happy Gardening xxxxx