I have been watching my garden daily and to my wonder, there are so many vines and climbers and rambling plants that I have in my vegetable selection, I will have a bountiful harvest of squashes and cucumbers this winter. I have tried to grow cucumbers before with no success, so this one I am following like a hawk. The Butternut Squashes were successful last season, but I had so many of them stung by some pest! I have a new squash – the Hubbard squash! A newbie to my garden, so this one I am watching closely. Some of my vines have not done well – the grape vine started off looking strong and healthy, but slowly drooped with the nasty wind we have had everyday for weeks on end! This is very unusual this time of year, so everything looks dried out and all my plants need lots of watering!

here is the small yellow flower of my cucumber vine

A small cucumber growing – sweet!

Here is one in a growth phase

Love the way they climb

The tendrils holding tight!

My small Gem squash – I love these!

I think this is a watermelon vine

Ladybug keeping the pests off!

The closed flower of the butternut squash

Oh! Here is a small butternut squash

Have a few of them growing-my favourite

I really like these flowers – pity none are open

This one all hidden away

Hanging like a bell over the raised bed

Here is my Hubbard squash-heirloom seed

My grape vine did not do well

What is climbing, rambling, creeping, trailing in your garden?

Happy Gardening xxxxx