It is time to celebrate the beauty of spring and life and new beginnings! This is the ultimate time of year, for the Two Gardeners who have now progressed in leaps and bounds in the gardening world and have a deep respect for all things with roots and leaves! We have mulched, planted, composted and watered all year and we are now watching the rewards! Oh, lovely Spring!

Thank you for joining us for our September “Spring Parade” …

Here’s what’s blooming in Barbie’s garden in September 2011

Now is the time for show and tell! I know we have both been working very hard for the Spring Bloom Day to display all the blooms bursting with colour and creation!! My vegetables are still in their infancy, but I have been enjoying planting other beautiful plants. Enjoy my new arrivals and your Bloom Day xxx

New corn flower bloom

Older corn flower bloom

Wild flower that I don’t know the name of

Sisyrinchium flowering

Violas still vibrant

Sweet-smelling jasmine

More perfume

Roma tomato in flower – can’t wait!

The only fuchsia blooms

Bulbine all straight and tall

Sparaxis buds – yeay!

Nasturtiums always around

Lemon blossoms always welcome

Potato plant always a winner

Rosemary still glam!

My fav – lavender

Enjoying the borage blooms

Blueberry bells

New little fleabane flowers

More charming lavender

Another corn flower


Here’s what’s blooming in Christine’s garden in September 2011

I’m loving Spring, every minute of it! I’ve always enjoyed Spring, but this year is extra special as it is the first spring I get to enjoy all the work I’ve put into my garden over the last six months. From an overgrown jungle to a garden full of lovliness, everything feels fresh and new. I’m most especially proud of my Irises (which I was told I would never be able to grow) and of my indigenous South Africa blooms (please click to enlarge the Babiana – you need to see the enlargement to appreciate how gorgeous this little native is). So here are my favourite September blooms …

The first white Asiatic Lily opened today!The first white Lily opened today!

Anemone peeps through DurantaAnemone peeps through Duranta

South African BabianaSouth African Babiana

South African IxiasSouth African Ixias

South African SparaxisSouth African Sparaxis

Clivias brighten a dark cornerClivias brighten a dark corner

Freesias – I have them in all coloursFreesias - I have them in all colours

The Irises I am so thrilled withThe Irises I am so thrilled with

Closer view of the Sinfonietta IrisesCloser view of the Irises

Another one, I think its “Stanley Blue”Another one, I think its "Stanley Blue"

Lemon tree bloomsLemon tree blooms

And these on the Lime TreeAnd these on the Lime Tree

New acquisition – Japanese CrabappleNew acquisition - Japanese Crabapple

Cute little Bluebells (also new)Cute little Bluebells

Dianthus are flowering alreadyDianthus are flowering already

Daffodils picked and in a vaseDaffodils picked and in a vase

Delphiniums are growing strongDelphiniums are growing strong

Last but not least – a yellow FreesiaLast but not least - a yellow Freesia


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