Winter is coming to an end (Yipee!), the birds are chirping, the plants are waking up from their rest period and we have buds and flowers galore! It’s been a very mild winter here in the Cape and we expect it still to rain during August and September (we are hoping) and winter is by no means completely over, but we can smell and feel spring in the air which gives us reason to celebrate!

Thank you for joining us for our August “Bloom Parade” …

Here’s what’s blooming in Barbie’s garden in August 2011

Just like Christine, I am so looking forward to spring. I have recreated my garden these past winter months and with more things to plant and lots of seeds to sow, I will have a thriving garden bursting with new blooms and birds. Most of my flowers are still buds but I do know that they also can’t wait for spring!! Enjoy your Bloom Day xxx

My new Lavender Raspberry Ruffles

Very pretty Lavender Lace

Blueberry blossoms

More blueberry flowers

Peach blossom buds

Pineapple sage – so delicate

Fuschias still in bloom

More Fuschias

Flowering onion

Another onion flower – first for me!

Rosemary bush in full bloom

One of my gardening friends in the rosemary

Jasmine about to bloom

Violas still going strong

Coriander flowers

Bulbine flower

Here’s what’s blooming in Christine’s garden in August 2011

I’m excited about the arrival of Spring and the promise of a garden filled with lovely plants and flowers. My favourite pre-spring discovery this week was the first blooms on the Hymenosporum flavum (Australian frangipani). This is a very tall tree in my front garden that is usually covered in yellow frangipani-like blossoms throughout spring which the birds love. I realised there were blooms at the very top of the tree when I heard the birds jumping around in it and took out my zoom lens to see them – and there at the very top of the tree were the first blooms and my first sunbird of the season! (see my last photo). I’ll get better photos of the birds and the blooms when the tree gets covered all over in its delightfully fragrant blossoms in the next few weeks.

Here is my pre-Spring bloom day show in anticipation of things to come.

Gaura lindheimerii – PinkGaura lindheimerii - Pink


The first DaffodilThe first Daffodil

Dietes GrandifloraDietes Grandiflora

Viburnum tinus “Lucidum”Viburnum tinus "Lucidum"

Sweet Alyssum and friendSweet Alyssum and friend


More AzaleasMore Azaleas


Another TulipAnother Tulip


More Sweet AlyssumMore Sweet Alyssum

Camellias are still bloomingCamellias are still blooming

I’m loving the HelleboresI'm loving the Hellebores


Hymenosporum flavum (Australian frangipani)Hymenosporum sp. (Australian frangipani)

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