I am so pleased to say that there is so much happening in my winter garden. Lots to harvest and even more thriving! Let me show you whats going on…….

Lots flowering….

Broad bean flower- shoots are delicious in salads

Pretty Mangetout pea blossom

Garden peas are flowering

Constantly flowering is the violets

Waiting for my Chamomile that self seeds every year

The roses are blooming – huh??

A few roses and the fuchsia has started!

The Fuchsia has come out! So nice to see!!

A perfect rose in winter

Self seeded Calendula

 Lots to eat …

Wonderful variety with my new layout

Can you believe I have tomatoes??Yellow Plum

Broccoli florets-looking healthy

Broccoli ready to pick!

Grenadilla dropping off the vine

Swiss Chard abounds

 What is on its way…

Parsnips – new this year

Cabbage – love growing my own

Lets hope my beetroot thrives this year

Lots of love in this garden!

What herbs do we have…

Coriander everywhere-self seeded as well

Oregano, rosemary,thyme, yarrow & lemon balm

Parsley-flat leaf and curly

Thyme is abundant

Chives and coriander amongst the lettuces

Artemesia -trapping the aphids?

Composting pals…

Here is my active worm farm

There’s my worms-working hard

I hope you are having as much fun in your garden as I am!!

Happy gardening xxxx