All seems bleak and colourless when you are forced to stay in bed with a bad flu. It has gripped all I know here in the Western Cape and with the weather as miserable as it has been, I did not have a hint of guilt. But the garden has taken a beating and after the hail storm, I though I would have nothing left. I though all would be dull and lifeless but to my surprise, not all was lost (to the weather and the chickens!) I have been able to pick something from the garden and there were some happy blooms longing for someone to take notice ……. !

my new feverfew

Using quince sticks to hold up the granadilla plant – or the other way around! Chasmanthe and Powis Castle surrounds.

Tree bursting with lemons!

Guavas on the way – lots this year

Tomatoes still growing

Chillies always available

Violas love the cool and the rain

Love the broad beans from last year

Tansy always a useful plant to have in the garden – best pesticide!

Gerbera never fails! Happy flowers!

Fully at home here! That’s Tara.

The winter lilly is coming back

My blonde tomatoes producing still

Swiss chard always welcome

Veggie patch abit damaged, but producing

Have new beginnings on the way

Ripening on the sunny back deck

So you see, through all the dull rainy and wintery weather, the garden still has a lot of magic!!


Happy gardening xxx