We had an almighty cold front crossing over us the entire weekend. And the hail storm that exploded just a few hours ago was amazing! I haven’t experienced one like this before – not that I can remember! We have a zinc roof so the noise was deafening. I was so surprised to see the new chickens, Tara and Rocky, running around and picking up balls of hail! How funny is that!! They seem to have no fear! The amount of hail that fell can bee seen in the mound that landed in the drains! Well, the Cape of Storms has lived up to her name!! Winter has truly settled in. Let’s get the soup on the stove, the blankies out  and the wood in the fireplace!

The drain clogged with hail

Looks like snow

Dropping from the gutters

The Girls are chasing hail stones!

The simple fun of chasing hail stones!


Happy Winter folks!