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Destruction 101

If I had to commentate the happenings in my back garden it would go something like this – “….The garden was devastated by Hurricane Skollie and Tornado Vanilla….” I am shattered at the total destruction 2 small chickens can inflict on an area large enough to hold a large house!! The garden is a total mess and the beautiful stone path around the house has been scratched to death.

I have lost total enjoyment and the appeal has gone right out of the window! This has all happened because the planning of the new chicken run has not materialized. We were set back this past week with a sick chicken needing surgery on her feet. Oh dear!! Poor Buffy had bumblefoot and needed to have this removed before it caused systemic damage…..that is another post (sigh!)! She is on the mend, but ….

No words can describe what you see here…… wish me luck that in the next weeks before Christmas, I can get this looking like a garden again. We have to get the chicken run up this week…..or else!

[one_half]The bed under the potato bush[/one_half]

[one_half_last]The stones are all scratched up[/one_half_last]

[one_half]This area is also destroyed[/one_half]

[one_half_last]The culprit lurks[/one_half_last]




[one_half]Tornado Vanilla[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Hurricane Skollie[/one_half_last]

[one_half]Potato sacks destroyed-ripped apart![/one_half]

[one_half_last]Raised bed has been infiltrated[/one_half_last]

[one_half]The new bed has not been excluded[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Plants ripped up![/one_half_last]

[one_half]A big mess!Yes-I’m talking about you![/one_half]

[one_half_last]The patchwork wrecked![/one_half_last]

[one_half]Ripped up and out! Plants uprooted![/one_half]

[one_half_last]Closer look at the devastation![/one_half_last]




I have so much to do. It will take me days to get this right! And a few trips to the nursery! Wish me luck…..

Happy Gardening xxxx

By Barbara

Country living is the best! Being a true spirit of the earth, my garden is all about vegetables and fruit trees and herbs and chickens roaming free. I was keen to really start gardening when we moved to Philadelphia in 2005, but not your typical suburban-type garden – sterile and bug-free! I wanted an edible garden.

9 replies on “Destruction 101”

Oh my! Yes, chickens are very destructive if they have an opportunity to run amok. It looks like your girls had all sorts of fun ransacking the garden. I’m sorry to read about Buffy’s feet. Bumblefoot can be quite nasty, and I’m very glad I’ve never had to deal with it in our flocks. If I lived closer, I’d be happy to loan you our portable electric poultry fence. That keeps them out of the lettuces! 😉

Oh thank you for the kind offer – I guess if I look at it practically – it is all fixable. Buffy’s bumblefoot is on the mend but very demanding. Still on antibiotics and the bandage needs to stay on for months!

Oh no! How sad … I tell you what, if you have any kind of pets and you close your eyes for 5 minutes they’ll wreck your garden! I have an ongoing battle with Sherrie and the moles. I’m starting to feel like the mole is just part of the ‘gang’ here that mess with my hard work. Dogs and moles playing ‘hide – and – seek’!

I’m ready to go plant shopping whenever you are 🙂

Wow, I had no idea chickens could be so destructive! Did Buffy usually keep the other two in line?

It’s probably not as bad as you think. Plants are resilient so many of those will probably be just fine. The walkways just need a little sweeping, and potatoes — well, they’re not the most expensive food to buy if your crop fails, right?

Stay positive! You have a lovely garden and this mess will soon be a distant memory. 🙂

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