I was inspired today!! I looked out of my window this morning and the recent fresh rains brought out such beautiful Autumn colours! So I took my camera and explored the wet garden. I found the most interesting perspectives and saw my garden in a different light! Lots of colour that I thought I had lost…


Lupins in a plant pot

Minty green and edible too

My basket makes for a pretty picture

Ipomoea brings great colour to the garden

Sweet yarrow flowers are a favourite of mine.

Garden gnomes are all around

Artemesia also a big favourite

The new chickens are quite at home

The guavas – a winter fruit

The gorgeous Ice Cream bush – love the changing colours

Euphorbia – delicate and wintery looking

These are a new addition – not sure, but I think it is feverfew!

The ground well-mulched

The Lemon tree is bursting!

A fig leaf in full autumn colours

I love this foliage-forget the name

Fallen leaves are everywhere!

The black pod on the Leopard Tree!

Peach tree

Quince tree

Blueberry bush

Pruned and ready for winter-Gaura

Roses are looking beautiful

Full bloom and smells just great!

Leopard Tree bloom

Flowers in the wheelbarrow

The Artemesia – Powis Castle is a huge mass – I love it!

My Grass Feature still interesting

My dry river bed has amazing character

The birdbath

Bucket of weeds-very interesting

Grasses still beautiful

Love the colour of this grass

Salvia Hot Lips are a talking point

Easy growing and always flowering

I hope you enjoyed the wander around the garden as much as I have!

Not going to do much gardening…… but I am going to enjoy the new perspective!

Happy Gardening xxxxx