The weather man has predicted rain and more rain and cold temperatures, so for this weekend we made soup and collected firewood for the  fireplace and the only thing missing is a good book. I did take some time during the week to take note of the chores still needing my attention. The chicken run needs a landscape artist – sigh! …. and the next lot of seedlings need sowing – ok! ….. and the lawn needs mowing …..argh! No, I’d rather take some photos! My garden is looking beautiful through the eyes of the camera – it does not see the chores that need my attention!! The rain has washed it all clean and it has a fresh face ….take a look at what I saw!

Fuchsia bush is blooming again – I love the rain drops on the leaves!


The sunbird is back! He is looking for a mate!

The Mighty Mugwood tree is collecting rainwater!

My second favourite tree in my garden – Tea Tree (still a young bush)

Protea bush in full bloom and loving the weather

My raised bed with brand new seedlings – all self-seeded from last summer. There is celery, chamomile, Sparaxis and comfrey. Love definitely grows here!

I have Nasturtiums all over my garden – self seeded as well!

Celery – so good for you and so easy to grow – they are popping up everywhere!

Love in my garden!

Cleomes still charming the camera lens!

Cleomes and the meadow in the background

The guava tree and wet meadow

Bulbs growing in between Soapwort

My Leopard tree soaked and loving it

Roses getting a cleansing shower

The grass feature with its birdbath-full!

My grasses looking divine in winter colour

More grasses after rain

My Artemesia Powiss Castle is just stunning when it rains.

The aphids on this wet rose bud don’t look to happy!

This rose got a real good soaking. But looks happy!

Are you also having a wet weekend? What’s happening in your garden?

Happy gardening xxxx