Today I am grateful for being able to grow beautiful flowers I can cut from the garden and bring into my home. I’ve always loved having fresh flowers in a vase in my home … maybe more than one vase full at a time. Now that I am growing beautiful flowers in my own garden, cutting flowers to bring inside is something I do all the time and it gives me great pleasure. For that I am grateful.

Asiatic Lily

Photo: Asiatic Lily. The Asiatic Lilies I planted this year as bulbs have given us immense pleasure. From pure white to pale and this bright pink (and a few stray yellows) they have been my most successful bulb planting, giving us pleasure and gorgeous colour in the garden for weeks on end. The soft pinks and some whites started to flower end August and now in mid November the Lilium Longifolium are still flowering beautifully. The best part is they will come back next year!

Lilium longiflorum, often called the Easter lily or November lily, is a plant native to the Ryukyu Islands (Japan) and Taiwan. It is a stem rooting lily, growing up to 1 m high. It bears a number of trumpet shaped, white, fragrant, and outward facing flowers.

About the 30 Day Challenge

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