Chameleon plantsA couple of people have asked me recently how my new “Chameleon” plants that I wrote about here are getting on. So I’ve taken a few photographs and here is an update.

Firstly, they weren’t kidding when they said these grow slowly. They have hardly grown at all but appear to have adjusted very happily to their new home.  I’m assuming this of course, only because they haven’t died on me! Actually, they are looking very pretty and have started to sprout some new growth in the last three weeks. As you can see from the photographs – they have lovely white and pink leaves in and amongst the green. It looks very pretty and provides a lovely contrast against all the green ground cover foliage in that bed.

I really love these plants and am expecting them to be really beautiful as they “grow up”. (Their “sister” plants, the standard Trachelospermum Jasminoides, i.e. Star Jasmine, also took a while to settle down after they were first planted, before they started to show any new growth, so it seems these are behaving much as I expected them to).

Chameleon plants

Chameleon plants

Happy Gardening

Notes on Trachelospermum Jasminoides “Chameleon” (from RHS): Rare Pink and White Variegation; Unique new evergreen Trachelospermum with bright green, white and pink leaves. Makes an unusual ground cover, or stunning, compact climber. Produces masses of fragrant white flowers in the summer, doing best in semi-shade to shade.