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What’s wrong with my pepper plant?

Green Pepper plant

Hi Chris, My Pepper plant in this photo is looking very sad and I don’t see any nasties on it. But I do notice that the growth tip looks all bunched up. What could this be? I have to say that I have planted at least 8 substantial seedlings in the past six months and they all are not flourishing. I took a photo of the only one that seems to have […]

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What Beetle is this and does it matter?


This morning I found these two beetles on my potato bush. They are not unattractive – yellow and black markings that appear to be unique on each beetle. Their legs are bright yellow and the antennae are black. I’m guessing they eat the leaves but couldn’t find a single leaf with tell-tale holes in them so I’m not sure. Maybe they actually eat the Gardenia shrubs which are all around the pot […]

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What are Solifuges?


Have you ever in your life seen anything so weird as this?? Found this on our outside deck! Had to do some research on this creature – Hannes calls it a haarskeeder! Members of the order Solifugae,  usually referred to as solifuges, solifugids, solpugids or by an assortment of vernacular names (e.g., camel spiders, false spiders, haarskeerders, jagspinnekoppe, jerrymanders, roman spiders, sun spiders, walzenspinnen, wind scorpions), are a diverse and fascinating, yet […]

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Whats bugging me today!

What is this bug?

Hi Chris, I was so interested in your blog post the other day on the bugs and creatures in your garden, that I decided to take a walk around my garden too, to see if I can also come up with some interesting bug-a-boos! I was so amazed at what I saw! Maybe you and our friends out there can recognise some of them!

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Sunday Bugs

Bug One

A walk around the garden this morning to access what I need to do today after the heat of yesterday reveals plenty of work and evidence of the wildlife munching on my plants. Here’s who was in my garden today … (Click to enlarge. Apologies for the quality of some of the photos – I’m still learning how to use the macro lens). I’m not keen to kill everything that is eating […]

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Gardening and Macro Photography

Mozzie on leaf

At long last I received the Macro lens for the camera and what a learning experience this is going to be! No quick point-and-shoot photos anymore, this is a whole new experience and I obviously have lots I need to learn. I’m not a good photographer at the best of times (strictly a happy-snapper!) so photography with a macro lens is going to be quite a learning curve for me. I thought […]

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Yikes! Mushrooms! what to do?


Oh my, its certainly never dull in the garden is it? Just when I think I’m winning, something new pops up out of nowhere and I have a new issue to deal with. And novice-newbie gardener that I am, I really don’t know what to do with this new thing happening in one of the beds nor what is causing it. A full on growth of uninvited mushrooms – and there’s nothing […]

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What critter is this?

What critter is this?

This evening I’ve found another creature – it looks like a baby – and newbie-gardener that I am, I have no idea whether to leave it or remove it. Please help! Is it a grasshopper? It doesn’t look like a praying mantis to me, too fat. And I’ve noticed over the last few days that something is “eating” tiny holes in these flowers (sweet williams). I’d appreciate any help in identifying this […]

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Praying Mantis in my garden

Praying Mantis

So I don’t only have nasty aphids, ants and cutworm in my garden, today I was ecstatic to find a baby Praying Mantis! Happy Days! What these photos do prove though is that I desperately need a Macro Lens for for the Canon EOS 550D I am using. I found this little guy whilst watering and loving my Gardenias early this evening (hence the darkness of the photographs). My Gardenias are looking […]

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African Fruit Beetle

African Fruit Beetle

Hi Chris, I wanted to do a quick post before I start with a new work project. This darn thing is all over my figs. They are the African Fruit Beetle. Do you have these too? I did some research and found some interesting info. (Pachnoda sinuata) the garden fruit chafer or brown-and-yellow fruit chafer, is a species of beetle found in Africa from the Congo Basin southwards. These insect pests can […]