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Grasses revisited


I have been slack with my blog posts of late – not because I’m not in the garden and taking photos, its because work has me tied to the computer all day! I spend every spare moment in the garden and at every opportunity, I have my camera with me. So the photo library is full, I just have to take time now and tell you whats been happening. Have a look [...]

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Another favourite Native

Dietes Grandiflora

Another favourite indigenous (native) plant I have in my garden is Dietes or “wild Iris”. Perennial, evergreen plants which grow in large clumps, I have Dietes Grandiflora and Dietes Bicolor. Both are super easy to grow and care for, devoid it seems, of any attack by bugs and disease. I love the spikey upright foliage that remains a feature in the garden throughout the year and the flowers in spring and summer [...]

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The 30 Day Challenge – Day 3

Indigeneous Ixias

Today I am grateful for the beauty and ease of growing native or indigenous plants in my garden. After planting mainly non-natives or exotics in my garden, this spring I “accidentally” discovered the beauty of and ease with which indigenous plants grow and flourish in my garden – a valuable lesson learned and one I’ll recommend to all newbie-gardeners. Exotics are of course great, but if you don’t have the greenest of [...]

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Grass feature revisited

grass patch update 3

On the 5th of April, our great day trip to Elgin took us to Fairholme, where I bought all my grasses in my patch – well 90% of them. It is now 5 months later – whew, time flies – and the grass patch is still quite dormant – until yesterday! I was pleasantly surprised to see that the dry tufts of Panicum virgatum and Miscanthus are finally showing signs of life. [...]

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On my Wish List – Crocosmia

Crocosmia Lucifer

Hi Barbie – The plant I was telling you about today that I couldn’t remember the name of is Crocosmia. If  you do a Google search for “Crocosmia” and then click on images you will see how gorgeous these flowers looks when planted in large groupings. They come in orange (Crocosmia “Aurea”) and red (Crocosmia “Lucifer”). I really love this indigenous flowering plant. It likes a shaded position so would really brighten [...]

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Rare Indigenous Bulb purchases


My only gardening experience prior to my current garden was many, many years ago (20 to be exact) when I lived in a rented cottage in Green Point. The cottage had a tiny garden, total size about 8 square metres of which most was lawn. In the beds around the lawn I half-heartedly dabbled with planting a few things – mostly annuals and one year I bought a batch of bulbs and [...]