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This ever happen to you?


I don’t know why but right now I’ve lost a bit of interest in my garden and am a little disappointed. Nothing fun is going on in it, there are visible and invisible things and creatures destroying plants and the sun has done a fair amount of damage whilst I wasn’t paying attention. Growth has been great all round, unfortunately too great in some areas. Once again my lavender plants have become […]

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The 30 Day Challenge – Day 24


Today I am grateful for my Best Gardening Buddy. Not only a gardening buddy but a lifelong best friend, Barbie and I have been through so much together. From playing together as kids to being Moms at the same time, sharing experiences (and clothes!) and all of life’s highs and lows. As we have matured, so have our interests and these days we’ve traded “club hopping” for “nursery shopping” and we are […]

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New plants

The lot

Here are the photographs of the things I bought on Sunday. I went to the Nursery to but a few Alyssum (not in the photos – I planted them straight away) and came home with all these “extras”. The plant you see right in the front is my purchase of a “Margaret Roberts” Lavender – just like yours! I think I will have to plant this in that small “full sun” patch […]

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Gardening in February

Gardening in February

February in the Cape is always very hot! Its hot in the morning, sweltering by mid afternoon and stays that way until its too dark to do anything constructive in the garden. Temperatures have been know to reach up to 40 C, although the average is in the low to mid thirties. Today is one such day – it is 34 C, no wind or breeze to speak of and it is […]

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Controlling weeds in the garden

Weeds in the garden

Our blog has been going for all of a week and we’ve had our first real gardening question. I set up a Facebook page (The Gardening Blog on Facebook) and a Twitter account (@ourgardens) for our blog and as is to be expected, we’ve had few followers so far. In fact, I recognise only our daughters and ourselves following our Facebook page. But then somehow we’ve already managed to attract a few […]