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Mar 03 2012 by in Christine's garden, Gardening, Perenniels, | 10 comments

View from the bench

A lovely spot to sit and contemplate

In my front garden I have a bench which sits in the “Gardenia Bed” and faces the front garden. I like to sit there on occasion to admire all the trees – the one big Shinus sp. which looks a bit like a willow tree and the trees that border my property outside the boundary wall. I sat here for a while today and contemplated the change of the season and how […]

Dec 13 2011 by in Christine's garden, Gardening, | 22 comments

Gardenias 101

My Gardenia Bloom!

I thought of titling this post as “How I finally managed to get my Gardenias to flower”, but this post is actually about so much more than just getting them to flower. I think for inexperienced gardeners (like myself) Gardenias are tricky. Its a labour of love to successfully grow Gardenias – personally I have found them far more complicated than roses. Roses are a dream if you pick the right rose […]

Nov 19 2011 by in 30 Day Challenge, Christine's garden, Gardening | 6 comments

The 30 Day Challenge – Day 17

Gardenia Jasminoides

Today I am grateful for … Change! Yes, really, I said it. I actually fear change, don’t really like it much when things I’m accustomed to are turned around or when life deals us a blow and what we know as ‘normal’ is no longer. “Change”, for me, is daunting at best, shocking at worst – but usually with change comes hope and new possibilities.  The older I get the more readily […]

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My Gardenias and insect repellent


I thought I was finished for today, but then I had some more I wanted to say … remember that discussion we had about the insect repellents and how toxic they smelt (and felt)? Today I had to do some major spraying because I found aphids on quite a few of my Gardenias – also on the Camellias in the garden. So I got hold of Ludwig’s Insect Spray to try. It […]